About Us

 The brand called Baqchi started its production to take part in the world’s most exclusive stores. Our aim in the Baqchi collection is to make our customers feel modern, stylish and comfortable for every moment of every season and day.

 The vision of Baqchi is to become a role-model with its hardworking team which embraces customer satisfaction, happy partners, and the ability to deliver success to their target regions in its wholesale and dealership systems.

Who We Are

About Company

 BSHS Textile was established in 2013. Thanks to its innovative, sustainable and always produce better policies which the BSHS Textile has pursued since the day its establishment, it has become one of the biggest ready-to-wear production company in Turkey. Thanks to its high quality and service network and its service to the customers, it manufactures products for major brands. It continues its activities with strong and professional staff.

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Our shops in under construction

ADRESS: 728 Main Street.
Pleasanton, CA 94566


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